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About us

Bumpy pot

Welcome to The Bumpy Pot! Our story began during Covid and was initiated by our 13-year-old daughter Poppy. Poppy has always been a very creative soul and during Covid Poppy came up with the idea she wanted to create terrariums for herself, family and friends. One night during dinner, as a family we discussed what the options were to get Poppy’s idea out and maybe start selling. This led to other ideas which all had to do with plants, sustainability, health, and growing organic foods. Andrew, Poppy’s dad, is extremely handy and with Poppy’s help, designed and put together a sprouting kit made from recycled timber, tray, and glass jars.


The first Sprouting kit was given to Kim, Poppy’s mom, for her birthday.

This sprouting kit doesn’t only look great, it works amazingly to sprout. Growing a living organism in a Sprouting kit provides you with sprouts that carry essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber and are a great source of antioxidants.  Sprouts may reduce the risk of heart disease and are beneficial for a healthy heart.  Sprouts are very nutritious, they are rich in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins C and K.

All the research, making of the Sprouting kits, and eating the sprouts in our daily diet, created a real passion to make these Sprouting kits available to everyone.  We would love to share this passion with you and teach you how easy it is to grow your own Sprouts and start benefiting from a very healthy and sustainable option

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